High Pressure Fogging System

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 specifications  specifications

  • One piece formed structure, easy to move, easy to assemble
  • Proprietary patented connector, easy to dismantle, will never drip water.
  • Proprietary high performance pump, high efficiency
  • May be installed at any buildings, work with all types special connectors.
  • Have timed control valve, may set up operation time at will.
  • Simple structure, convenient to maintain.
  • Build in electric box, does not need additional electric box.
  • Stainless steel material, sturdy and beauty.

  • Temperature lowering: camps, outdoor cafe, green house, iron-sheet factory, livestock industry, coop.
  • Sterilization: public places, factory, buildings, food industry, coop, livestock industry.
  • Air conditioning & moisturizing: central air-condition moisture control, moisture maintaining for textile industry, green-house plants such as orchid,mushroom, tr opical plants
  • Landscaping: manmade mist for park, building, stages, outdoor restaurant, amusement park。

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