High Pressure Fogging System

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 specifications  specifications

  • One piece formed structure, easy to move, easy to assemble
  • Proprietary patented connector, easy to dismantle, will never drip water.
  • Proprietary high performance pump, high efficiency
  • May be installed at any buildings, work with all types special connectors.
  • Have timed control valve, may set up operation time at will.
  • Simple structure, convenient to maintain.
  • Build in electric box, does not need additional electric box.
  • Stainless steel material, sturdy and beauty.
A0.Spray nozzle filter
Patent :PAT.NO.M323340
A1.Ø0.085mm spray nozzle
spray nozzle spec.
A2.Ø0.1mm spray nozzle
A3.Ø0.15mm spray nozzle
A4.Ø0.2mm spray nozzle
A5.Ø0.3mm spray nozzle
A6.Ø0.5mm spray nozzle
A7.general purpose spray nozzle connector
A8.spray nozzle plug
B0. 9 x 1.4 O ring
B1.Front end
B2.Rear end
B3.Two direction rubber hose connector
B5.Elbow connector
B6.Tee connector
B7.Ball valve
B8. No opening spray nozzle connector
B9.Single opening spray nozzle connector
B10.Two opening spray nozzle connector
B11.Three opening spray nozzle connector
B12. Tee rubber hose connector
C1. PE high pressure pipe front end
C2. PE high pressure pipe rear end
C3. PE high pressure pipe spray nozzle connector
C4. PE high pressure pipe elbow connector
C5. PE high pressure pipe tee connector
C. PE high pressure flex tube
D1. Filter wrench
D2. Spiral rubber hose
D3. High pressure rubber hose
D4. Water absorption rubber hose
Flexible aluminum tube
Stainless steel connecting tube
Patent :PAT.NO.M266983
D5.Spray nozzle extension pipe
1 meter, 5 meter, 10 meter high pressure rubber hose
Ø330m/mm Round spray pipe 3 openings
Ø330m/mm Round spray pipe 4 openings
Ø380m/mm Round spray pipe 4 openings
Ø380m/mm Round spray pipe 5 openings
Ø420m/mm Round spray pipe 4 openings
Ø420m/mm Round spray pipe 5 openings
E1. Fixing clamp
E2. The plane inserts the needle
E3. Hydraulic pipe clamp machine

  • Temperature lowering: camps, outdoor cafe, green house, iron-sheet factory, livestock industry, coop.
  • Sterilization: public places, factory, buildings, food industry, coop, livestock industry.
  • Air conditioning & moisturizing: central air-condition moisture control, moisture maintaining for textile industry, green-house plants such as orchid,mushroom, tropical plants
  • Landscaping: manmade mist for park, building, stages, outdoor restaurant, amusement park。
    Golf Course
    Orchid Cultivation

    Model NM-FOG
    Dimensions L/W/H mm Body Support 540x430x480 ;
    NM Body340x300x250
    Pump Type 2 PISTON
    Working Pressure 60 kg/cm2
    Discharge volume l/min 4 l/min
    HP 0.5 HP
    Voltage/HZ 110V/220V/60HZ
    Timer Running time 3sec-30min
    ? Stopping time 3sec-30min
    N.W. 29 kgs
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