Mobile Fogging Cover Fan

Name of an article : Mobile Fogging Fan
Specification :
  1. Voltage: 110V, 220V
  2. Working pressure: 70kg/cm2(1000PSI)
  3. Motot: 1/10HP
  4. Nozzle Q'ty: 0.1MM nozzle *3
  5. Max spray volume: 500 CC/min
  6. Safety protection device: low-water power supply cut-off switch
  7. Volume: 70CM*40CM*32CM
  8. The size of the water tank: 32CM*32CM*29CM
  9. Volume of the water tank: 29L
  10. Weight of the fan: 7.38KG
  11. Weight amount: 42.2KG
  12. Control: Automatically controlled system

  1. Can control manually and automatically.
  2. Adjustable time controls.
Blow in the distance: 20M
Blowing angle: adjustable

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