Portable Power Sprayer

  • APPLICATION:For spraying or cleaning in home. Ideal for cleaning of cars, motorcycles, floors, door and windows, air conditioners, building industries. Industrial filters and strainers...
  • Motor horsepower: 1/2HP
  • NM-26
  • APPLICATION:Same function as NM-16, except the motor is protected by an iron case and the function of speed reducing is not available.
  • Motor horsepower: 1/2HP
  • NM-14
  • APPLICATION : For water pressure test.
  • Motor horsepower: 1/2HP
  • NM - 905
  • APPLICATION : Same functions as NM-16, except for use in places where no electricity is available.
  • Gasoline engine horsepower : 2HP
  • MP
  • Power source is engine or motor
  • Use the belt drive
  • Use the adjustable frame to support

  • Uses:

    Gardening spray

    Car washing

    Compact and handy

    Environmental disinfection

    Air-conditioner washing

    High washing

    Standard Accessories:
  • Suction hose 6 feet long
  • A package of tool kits
  • Water release hose.
  • Suction Strainer
  • Suction hose

    Water release hose

    Suction Strainer

    Tool kits

    Recommended spare parts A

    10MHose reel

    Ball valve

    Spray gun

    adjustable nozzle

    Recommended spare parts B

    Remote control


    Optional Equipment:
    • HOSE REEL: To roll up long hose
    • DISCHARGE HOSE: For connecting hose reel to sprayer.
    • HOSE:Choice of 7.5mm or 8.5mm diameter.
    • BAMBOO SPRAY ROD: For spraying agricultural medicine.
    • BENT SPRAY GUN:Choice of size 3', 4',or 5'.
    • STRAIGHT SPRAY GUN:Choice of size 3', 4',or 5'.
    • AUTOMOBILE SPRAY GUN : Choice of size 2'. 3' or 4'
    • BIG RED NOZZLE : Suited for spraying agricultural medicine
    • GRASS REMOVAL NOZZLE : Suited for spraying grass removal medicine.
    • BALL COCK : Mounted on end of hose.
    • ROLLER : To prevent Hose from twisting.

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