High pressure Sprayer

  • Motor direct connect driving
  • Use less space
  • Used wherever with electric power.
  • VE
  • Engine direct connect driving
  • Use less space
  • Used wherever without electric power.
  • Standard Accessories
  • 1 pc of approx. 8 ft. long suction hose.
  • 1 pc of approx. 8ft. long returned (overflow) hose
  • Feature:
    • Easy assembly & disassembly by only removing 4 stud bolts.
    • Transverse horizontal movement of the suction & discharge plungers(pistons) to eliminate any wear of oil seals.
    • Plungers rigidly fixed on the patented WOBBLER plate to have smooth, quiet, left & right reciprocating movements.
    • No crankshaft, no connecting rod is necessary, instead, only our wobbler plate & plungers can substitute them, and can prevent from any breakage, wear or troble.
    • Special aluminum alloy cast case, compact size but very large output. Base frame is detachable for export packing
    • It is of ROTARY-PLUNGER type. newly designed & patented in power sprayers. (PAT. NO. 7766 & 1716)

    • Spraying and irrigation for farms, uplands, orchards, tall trees, poultry farms, piggeries, etc.
    • Washing and water supply for building industries.
    • Washing and cleaning for vehicles, cars, motorcycles, trucks,construction machineries.
    • Watersupply for boilers, golf courses, etc.
    • Spraying chemical solution (pesticide etc.) for agricultural application such as pest & weed control.

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