Centrifugal Water Pump

Direct or belt drive from motor or engine

PK (Motor)
  • Adaptable to electric motor. Suited to fit with 2 pole motor only.
  • PK (Engine)
  • Adaptable to gasoline or diesel engine. Suited for "U" or "P" type high speed engine with RPM over 3600.
  • PK (Pulley)
  • With pulley for V-belt drive. Pulley groove as per customer specified.

  • Centrifugal pumping for irrigation
  • Low-pressure pump can transport soft particles containing sewage & mud
  • High and low pressure pump can transport water
  • Can be widely used in farms, hillside, food processing plants,
  • Construction, fire and other industries
  • All aluminum alloy die casting casing.
  • Cast iron impeller for low pressure model
  • Aluminum alloy impeller for high pressure model.
  • Reinforced rubber pad for maximum service life.
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