Liquid Agitatorsc


* Liquid mixer, the maximum can be stirred 2 tons of water.
* Water from top to bottom, from the inside out, 100% mixed evenly.
* The housing of the motor is aluminum material.
* Motor with a temperature control , overheating will power off.
* The rack is make by stainless steel and the height is between 75 cm and 130cm.

Use a wide range: Pesticide , Fertilizer, Liquid , Food and Chemical materials.

Model specification
NS-705 Adjustable NS-705 Fixed  4.5 Feet 
5.5 Feet
Depth of water 85~125CM  4.5 Feet : 110 CM 
5.5 Feet : 140 CM
Voltage (moter) : 110V or 220 V  Used for Adjustable: motor head Used for Fixed: motor head
Power (moter): 1/8HP size: 58*18*23(CM) size: 58*18*23(CM)
Bottom seat material & diameter size.
The height of the bottom seat : 8cm

Large bottom seat material : iron
Diameter: 41CM

Medium bottom seat material : iron and stainlessd
Diameter: 34CM
Small bottom seat material : iron
Diameter: 31CM
Speed of leaf turning 100rpm
Package measuremen 1pc 11.7 / 12.7kgs / 3' 
※Recommend: If you want to buy that the whole are white iron mixer, must to buy fixed Liquid Agitatorsc

Package measurement:1pc 11.7 / 12.7kgs / 3'
F. Speed of leaf turning:100rpm
D. Size (diameter of the base x height) :

Large-size: 41cm x 110- 157 cm
       (the height of the base: 8 cm)
Medium-size: 34 cm x 108-178 cm
Stainless steel: 34 cm x 133-163 cm
Motor: 58 cm x 18 cm x 23 cm

E. Package measurement:1pc 11.7 / 12.7kgs / 3'
F. Speed of leaf turning:100rpm
G. The base has 3 kinds:
Large base diameter:41CM
Medium base diameter: 34CM
Small base diameter :31CM
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